Learn to play Bridge

Funbridge is one of the most popular software programs for bridge out there. They offer 11 chapters through the Funbridge app that will teach you how to play from the ground up.

A Teacher First
A Teacher First is an interesting Canadian website set up specifically for learning bridge. You can also find some interesting bridge problems and resources. Check out their Facebook page for updates and more bridge problems.

Tips & Conventions

The articles are intended for general information, but I am biased towards a weak no-trump, five card major system, and I may inadvertantly express my opinions in these terms.
Tony Haworth

The following Tips/Conventions are classified as follows:

* – for improving players who want to come above average in the club.
** – for players who want to win their club championship or compete in 'tournament bridge'
*** – for more established players aspiring to win an area or national event

*Benjaminised Acol PRINT  
*Ogust Responses To Weak-Two Opener PRINT  
*Negative Doubles  PRINT  
*Opening With Five Clubs And Five Spades PRINT  

**Jacoby 2NT Responses To 1 Major PRINT  
**Five Card (Puppet) Stayman PRINT  
**Defence To Weak Twos  PRINT  
**Halmic Defence To 1NT Doubled PRINT  
**Losing Trick Count PRINT  
**Splinter Bids PRINT  
**Splinter And Cue Bids (Overview) PRINT  
**Landy Over 1NT  PRINT  
**Lebensohl (Over Interference Over 1NT)  PRINT  
**Michaels Cue Bids  PRINT  
**Roman Key Card Blackwood  PRINT  
**Check-back 2 Clubs Over 1NT Rebid  PRINT  
**Weak Jump Responses  PRINT  

***Defence To Two Suited Overcalls PRINT  
***Responses To Opening 2NT PRINT  
***Multi Two Clubs (Benji)  PRINT  
***Smith Peters PRINT